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About Greg


You will never meet a more passionate photographer than Greg. His attention to detail is amazing. Not to mention his meticulous lighting and sense of depth he brings to every image. His easy going attitude is a pleasure to work with on any job. He loves to give back to the industry and teaches many aspiring photographers and groups across Canada.

Awards & Nominations:

Greg had earned his Masters of Photographic Arts

( MPA). While with the PPOC he was third in Canada with the most Accreditations. Greg also achieved the designation of Fellowship of BC (F/PPABC).

He also has a record setting 4 BC Photographer of the Year titles, Canadian Commercial Photographer of the Year, and Winner of ALL three National Fuji Award title categories. Most recently, Greg is representing Team Canada in the World Photographic Cup 2018 for his Commercial image.

Greg received his formal training from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

Greg's first love and dedication is to his family.

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